Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Adventures of Steven Spielberg : TINTIN (2011).

From the greatest story tellers of our time, Director Steven Spielberg & Producer Peter Jackson, the title flashed by on the big screen during the trailer of Tintin. My eyes took a 32x zoom pretty much like our Jim Carey in The Mask. It looked like the animation version of Pirates of the Caribbean when I saw ships flying over other ships amidst thunderstorms, in the beginning of the trailer. The face of Tintin and his white puppy, Snowy takes us back to our childhood days, remembering the comic books.

Being satisfied of having enough leftovers of the delicious Spicy brisket beef with potatoes from my lunch at the Chinese restaurant, Tintin was a mouth watering dessert. Got into the theatre, skipping the 2$ games as we didn’t want to miss any of those 3D trailers. After the commercials came the spectacular trailer of War Horse, yet another Steven Spielberg movie, making me wonder, if he has got more than 24 hours a day. The screen widened as the curtains pulled over, with the stars of Paramount pictures flying around in 3D followed by the lady of Columbia pictures holding the torchlight, setting stage for the adventures of a lifetime.

The movie is a thrilling adventure mixed with clever, witty chase sequences and an intelligent fast paced story line, making us craving for more after the end credits. The fresh animations, graphics and the special effects used in The Adventures of Tintin is a sure visual treat, especially in Digital 3D, making The Polar Express look like a steam engine. It wakes up the adventurous child in us with a freedom to run like a freed rabbit.

The plot revolves around our ever in trouble newspaper reporter Tintin as he buys a classic model ship without knowing the mysterious secret associated with it. The pick pocketing, fighting and chasing sequences delivers the fun and feel of a Jackie Chan movie. The company of a boozy captain from a cargo ship, whose character resembles with Jack Sparrow, adds much more chaos and fun to Tintin’s adventure. Steven Spielberg has done a wonderful job in directing his first animation movie. Peter Jackson made the movie seem so real, as his company WETA Digital used computer animations such as the motion capture effects, where the actions of actors are digitally transferred to a computer. The scenes where a mirage in the desert transforms the sands into a rough sea with pirate ships tossing in the waves, the clash with two giant cranes using the control keys, the burning ship with people fighting all along swinging over another ship, the motorcycle chase along the sides of a broken dam with a heavy rush of water, the plane ride through the middle of dark clouds and the alcoholic refueling etc. are more than enough to keep us at the edge of our seats.

The movie combines the plot of two adventures from the respective books, Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure into one single adventure. The screenwriters are exceptionally good as they have transformed the electrifying comic stories of Tintin into a flawless and smooth movie. This one has undoubtedly got into the list of my all time favorites and I would give this a 5/5. It doesn’t matter whether you are or you are not a Tintin fan, this movie will be close to both the kids and adults who have that spark for adventure. 

The movie leaves room for the possibility of an even more spectacular sequel, as Tintin's unquenchable thirst for adventure takes him to grab his next mission. A sequel to this one, with Spielberg on the production side and Jackson on the director’s chair has already been announced.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A R Rahman & The Jurassic Park.

The year was 1997, I was having the life of a seventh grader by then. Patriotism in those days for me was pretty much confined within the daily chore of reciting national anthem at school. Other than that, well may be the movie ‘‘Roja’’, telecasted on every Independence Day on DD National refreshed the sense of being an Indian.  It was like a fresh installation of national pride when Bharat Bala productions came out with the album ''vande mataram'' featuring my all time favorite music director A R Rahman. For me it was much more than that.

The sequel to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park was released days before the August of 1997 in my favorite screen at Kochi, Sridhar. Since it was one of the most awaited movies of the year, everyone in my family have been making plans to go to the movies to have the Jurassic experience yet again. I guess, it was during the Onam holidays, as most of our family was present in our Tharavadu at Vaduthala as part of the usual holiday reunion. Surprisingly, a sudden decision was made during one of those afternoons to set off to Sridhar at the city of Kochi, for a 6:30pm show of The Lost World. Movies in theaters were something I have always been crazy for since my childhood and it still gives me goose bumps when the Universal Pictures or 20th Century Fox is screened with Digital sounds in the big screen. Almost everyone in our family, mostly the guy gang including uncles and cousins set off to Sridhar, needless to say me & my cousins were overly excited. I still remember listening to the big sounds of dinosaur walks while we were waiting in the queue to grab tickets for the show outside the theatre. I always loved seeing the writing ‘‘DTS & Dolby Surround system’’ on top of the doors to the theatre hall. It was possibly a family first for us with such a big group fully occupying almost a complete row of the First class seats. As soon as grabbing our seats, two of us from the group set outside the theatre to buy some 2 Kg’s of apple as nothing was bought as snacks. We hurried back to the hall amidst the crowds still packing the queues, to witness something surprisingly extraordinary on the screen.

The man in blue jeans with a glowing heavenly white shirt was singing the most powerful national outcry ‘vande mataram’. Yes, the man was A R Rahman and he was crying his heart out with such powerful melodious and catchy tune that the whole of us were having a fresh feeling for our country like never before. That was one of the best theatre experiences I have ever had till today. If it wasn’t for A R Rahman, I would not have felt any different for the 50th year of Indian Independence.  Though I was a diehard fan of A R Rahman ever since ''Roja'', it took me a few years to possess the audio cassette of ''vande mataram''. Just reading the words of A R Rahman written over its cassette cover is enough to ignite a new sense of being an inspired human being with strong feelings for my country. The album is indeed a timeless collection of musical magic covering the energetic ‘‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’’, the natural & peaceful Revival (vande mataram), the fresh & innocent ‘‘Gurus of Peace’’, ‘‘Tauba Tauba’’, ‘‘Missing’’ (vande mataram), ‘‘Only You’’ & the Tamil version ‘‘Thai Mannai Vanakkam’’.

‘‘All perfect praises belong to the Almighty alone. I dedicate this album to the future generations of India. I wish that this album inspires them to grow up with the wealth of Human values and ethics that this country is made of.’’ – A R Rahman.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Drive, The Movie : a 2011 hp Hybrid.

Drive, an instant cult classic, happened to me as I was doing my usual browsing through the new Hollywood trailers in YouTube. The trailer wasn’t quite catchy in the first view until I saw the best director 2011 at Cannes de festival label, which prompted me for a look at the user comments that eventually led me ending up with IMDb. Damn, it has a whooping 8.2 score. I should say, I haven’t seen such praising comments in YouTube for a just released movie which don’t have a strong banner to back up such as the Transformers or Harry potter or The Dark Knight or even the stupid Twilight. I usually go doing WoW, if the trailer has a Steven Spielberg or a Christopher Nolan. This one had nothing peculiar except for Ryan Gosling, who for me seemed to be the only familiar name, thanks to Notebook.

The user reviews grabbed most of my attention with some recommending everyone to watch this movie in a decent movie theatre to cherish the whole magical Drive experience at its best. And yet another who got one of the best days in ages just coz he bunked his university lecture and chose to watch this new flick in a cinema. I have always been a movie enthusiast who prefers watching movies only if it gets released in some of my favorite screens back in my hometown, Kochi. As I have left India, the new screens in New Zealand took quite some time to be familiarized with, my favorite being the XtremeScreen at Hoyts. Unfortunately Drive wasn’t playing in XremeScreen which was pretty much a disappointment but never mind, the other Hoyts screens still deserved a class and decency of its own. Guess what, the movie was actually chosen to be screened in one of the finest screens Cinema 5, where I have previously watched the spectacular Avatar in 3D, next only to the XtremeScreen though.

The movie started off with some low key warehouse robbery pretty much like in Transporter but with much intense and realistic getaway choices. The whole ambience was so in par with reality filled with neon flashlights, traffic signals, helicopter spotlights etc. The chase stands out entirely different from that used by Jason Statham in Transporter, as Ryan Gosling preferred to go unnoticed rather than being aggressive. The progressive background score takes us with a storm to the title credits with Drive flashing on in a pink color. The retro soundtrack is so addictive and haunting that it still runs through my head making me wonder if there is an MP3 player being installed with some Drive playlist in my brain. The hero resembles something like an Eastwood with short yet legendary dialogues and silences. The beautiful Carey Mulligan lights up the movie drowning its storyline with romance to an action plot. The pace and mood of the whole movie is exceptionally brilliant. I would give a whole lot of credit for the Cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel synchronized perfectly with the magical music score by Cliff Martinez and of course the Danish Director Nicolas Winding Refn for his spectacular US debut.

This is pretty much like a stylish adaptation of the Steve McQueen movies of the 60’s and so don’t expect any Fast and the Furious action junk. Instead we could expect a beautifully crafted masterpiece wrapped up with breathtaking original soundtracks. There are some extreme blood spilling violence and traces of nudity restricting the film with an R rating. But this one should never be missed, as movies like this happens only once in a decade or so. This is definitely a must watch and possibly the coolest movie in years which does justice to every frame filling up with nothing but pure excellence. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Alternative Automobile Technologies.

Considering the energy resources available these days, particularly in the automobile industry, alternative fuel options such as biofuels and electric technologies are kind of gaining a fast forward momentum. Political guns guarding the monopoly of conventional oil corporate giants remain a barrier yet to be crossed. It’s not the lack of wisdom which prevents the free run of these advanced masterpieces, but some selfish yet reasonable combination of matters related with demand and supply policies.

Talking about the electric automotive technology, EV1 by GM stands out in history as the new age pure electric beast which could have definitely made a good difference, unless it was voluntarily destroyed by its own makers in 2002, almost a decade after its birth, by crushing every single car ignoring strong customer oppositions, owing to reasons still speculated within the conspiracy circles. It’s purely a result of the greedy brains of petro-politicians hypnotized by the oil corporate companies, who just wanted to deal business with the yet to be cleared oil reserves of our planet.

Considering the power of electric cars, Tesla Roadster is the one which undoubtedly grabs the limelight. With 250 hp electric engine powered by 450 kg lithium ion battery, matching with that of a Porsche Boxster, this all electric production sports car is one of a kind. If it’s the acceleration which catches your attention, then Tesla can do from 0 to 100 km/hr in 4 sec with ease. The concept of installing batteries to fuel engines instead of the usual petroleum or crude oil have been updated constantly ever since the inception of the electric car idea.

Pretty much in the same lane is the hydrogen fuelled ones such as the Honda FCX Clarity, which uses a fuel cell with hydrogen in combination with oxygen to produce electricity to power electric motors and emitting just water vapors. While the BMW Hydrogen Series 7 uses hydrogen to burn an internal combustion engine. Hydrogen is a potential energy fuel source but has the disadvantages such as the need to have considerable number of refueling stations and advanced storage facilities, as it requires cryogenic systems to compress or liquefy them which are laboursome. Unless there are measures from the government to take initiatives to invest a reasonable sum in setting up subsidies and infrastructures for the goodwill of our environment, hydrogen fuel engines won’t catch up fast.

Then comes the hybrid legends such as the Toyota Prius, which crossed 2 million unit sales in 2010. This one was considered as the cleanest vehicle on the planet during its launch and has pretty much met the expectations, making it the most desirable green car in almost 70 countries worldwide. The strategy adopted in the hybrid propulsion system of Prius, is the switching from an electric engine to an internal combustion engine for accelerations over 25 km/hr. The good news is a plug in hybrid version of Toyota Prius was unveiled on the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, scheduled to be released on the market by 2012.

Biofuels have safely secured a green card in the face of new age energy options with bioethanol and biodiesel having an exponential production statistics in the recent years. The factors associated with biofuels which could be considered worth worrying for include the food versus fuel needs, deforestation, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity etc. But they are just a speck of dust in comparison with the shocking green house gas emission rates, endangered fossil fuel reserves , energy security of the planet and of course the ever increasing oil prices.

The role of microbial bio engineering in the production of advanced new generation biofuels is of increasing interest opening a new window of unexplored natural scientific magic. Microbes did make some news with its potential in cleaning up nuclear waste recently, thanks to the researchers in Michigan State University. The timing, at which the efficiency of Geobacter species in clearing up radioactive debris grabbing the global attention, could not be more perfect, particularly being in the midst of continuing fears from the Fukushima reactor outbursts. The use of some fungal enzyme extracts to breakdown cellulose to produce cellulose ethanol, an advanced from of biofuel and the use of the fungus Gliocladium roseum in the production of a myco-diesel are major breakthroughs. Though biofuels have revolutionized a major sector of the road transport throughout the world, it was given a major facelift with its introduction in aviation sector by Virgin Atlantic in 2008. It was then followed by Air New Zealand, US Navy & Air force, Air China and the most recent one to join the league is the Air Alaska in November 2011.

However, the only part which could be a threat in this green revolution is the competency of fuel with the need for food. We have witnessed enough wars and destructions worldwide over oil to fuel our automobiles. Hope there won’t be any such cruelty for biofuels, as most forms of it needs land acquisitions to grow the crops, which might drive the corporate giants to claim farming lands ignoring people and our basic need, hunger posing a check on our food security.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Mystery of the Butterfly effect in Real Life.

A million thanks to the magic on the silver screen for introducing me to the interesting phenomenon called the butterfly effect. Starting from ‘‘The Jurassic park’’, which gives one of the most basic and simple explanations on this effect to ‘‘The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’’, the list goes on. However, it was ‘‘Mr Nobody’’ which really screwed up my mind and made me interested in digging up the concept, which finally led me to watch the most critically acclaimed one among this genre, ‘‘The Butterfly effect’’. To make it sound simple, let me say, small changes create big results. Enough said. It’s like picking up lotto or even the flipping of a coin. It’s like the possibility of having a disappointing Saturday night since you went for a pointless movie, just because you watched a catchy trailer in YouTube while causally surfing Facebook or randomly checking out Twitter.

The Butterfly effect derives its name from the popular explanation of creating a hurricane weeks or years later, just because some butterfly on the other side of the planet flapped its wings and moved some molecules eventually resulting in a sequence of disturbances in air. The relevance of initial conditions at any point of time is the ultimate factor of this effect also otherwise termed the Chaos theory. Movies with themes and concepts which pose a reality check have always excited me. The most recent one being Inception, where Christopher Nolan screwed up our mind by taking us for an adventure ride travelling through the different levels of our sub conscious mind. Possibilities of altering our realities or cheating our time frames is undeniably one of the best thought provoking themes experimented in movies. Movies with themes such as The Time Traveller’s Wife, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Back to the Future, Minority Report, 12 Monkeys, Kate & Leopold which challenges our time frames or rather check the reality of our current lives such as The Matrix are possibly some of the best works in this category. What confuses me with the time travel movies is the Time Corruption hypothesis or the more popular Grandfather paradox which makes the present reality impossible when someone goes back in time making different life paths, ultimately resulting in a butterfly effect.

My first instance of the butterfly effect from an Indian movie is from ‘‘ Dasavathaaram ’’, where the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean is portrayed as being caused by the sinking of Lord Vishnu’s idol along with Kamal Hassan in the 12th century. Though I wasn’t that interested in Chaos theory and Butterfly effect after watching this movie in 2008, I was pretty much impressed by the basic concept of this phenomenon and the brilliance of its story line. It’s quite interesting that, if we could go back in time and do things in life pretty differently and make alternative decisions & choices, doesn't that make a big difference to what we are or where we are today? If there ever comes a chance to travel back in time, the knowledge and wisdom of having lived our lives in this present life path makes us aware of the possible outcomes of choosing some of the options. But if we are to believe in God, then whatever options we choose in an alternative life path by picking a different school or a life partner or a bus or even a pair of footwear, we would eventually end up in the same fate. If it’s supposed to be so, then even our weirdest thoughts and our most awkward moments in life should be part of a master plan by the so called architect of life. At this point, I prefer to believe, there has never been any wrong decisions in our lives. Understanding the framework and complexity of the big picture as a whole, improves our perception to address the day to day issues and strategically organize our life.

It is the human form of butterfly effect which matters in the present world. The very actions we make at this moment, the very next move we make, matters a lot and could make a big difference in shaping not just our life, but even the lives of generations to be born. Messing up and screwing up our present daily lives could possibly ruin the entire culture of our country in future. Life opens up different doors for us to follow. It is up to us to choose the life path. In reality time doesn't go backwards, making it harder to make decisions. But that’s exactly how life works. Butterfly effect is all about the big picture. We are what we think or rather we become what we think we are. Instead of regretting about the options we made in our past, think about the moves and actions we could make in shaping our future and the future or even the existence of people some 20 or 50 years from now. Each and every move we make matters, not just for us but for our very universe. After all our universe desires randomness or entropy, so choose not to go with the flow and start making the right moves instead.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Moment of Life: LHC

Travelling down the matrix of Science, the origin of universe is one of the most mysterious paradox challenging both the religious and scientific world. Among all the scientific research themes ever known in history, the most high profile status belongs to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a real life time machine. This brainchild was conceived by the creators of the World Wide Web, European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). This mysterious scientific project brings together the theories of quantum mechanics and general relativity, collaborating 10,000 of world's best scientific minds from hundreds of countries and universities across the globe.

A major share of the world population is unaware of the role of God played by these people with the tremendous potential to destroy our planet. This giant underground high energy particle accelerator is located at less than 0.2 kilometers under the French-Swiss border in Switzerland. capable of shooting and smashing beams of high energy quarks at the speed of light, along a 27 kilometers long circular tunnel of space. The basic objective being the creation of new mass from energy, with head-on collisions so violent that it resembles the conditions existed during the Big bang. The entire process is not fool proof and is obviously capable of converting our universe into a particle soup. I wonder if millions of years later there would be a Jurassic Park movie with aliens digging human bones.

''Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it," is how Sergio Bertolucci, who is the Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN addressed the reporters during a press meet at the CERN HQ in 2009. The questions and doubts that would arise within the commonsense of a normal man doesn't bother the scientific community until the collider disaster actually spell its power. We might have to helplessly wait for the scientists to convince themselves about the real risk of playing god, until the creation of black holes that are capable of sucking the entire earth; and the generation of antimatter explosions that could burn our planet like the sun.

I might sound like an eccentric crack criticizing the new possibilities of science. For the time being, let us ignore the negative possibilities. But i wonder, if spending billions of money and homework just to solve some puzzles in physics do justice to humanity. This one is obviously different from any other scientific project in being gigantic in structure, expenditure and scientific manpower. Still what would be the fate of 27 kilometers long tunnel associated with thousands of powerful magnets, detectors, compressors and incubators weighing thousands of tonnes, after the so called dream collision. CERN has planned to run the collider with half energy until the shutdown by 2013, to prepare the magnets to be more stronger for the proposed high energy run starting by 2014. Let us keep our fingers crossed while the scientific community expects the creation of a new mystery or rather a doomsday for the future history.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Man behind Google+

Google has boldly revealed its new face on 28th of June, 2011 by challenging the biggest social networking sites of our times, Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus has been in a process of development ever since the failure of Google’s first social networking site, Orkut. Several alternative ideas have been tested such as Google Buzz, Google Wave etc. but were not big enough to compete with its rivals. Never mind the struggles, the tough gets awesome by repeated attempts, and hence Google is back with a bang. We are yet to see whether it’s worth the present hype. However, Google+ is obviously a strong rival for Facebook, which has got over 750 million active users.  Google+ is fresh and fun. With the initial survey reports, there are 280% active registrations going on worldwide for Google+. The interesting fact is, large communities of Facebook users are still unaware of the new Google magic.

Now to break the silence, the master brain behind Google+ is that of an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) graduate from India. It’s none other than Vic Gundotra, the Senior Vice President of Social for Google. Born in 1968, he fell in love with the power of software in his childhood days. He joined Microsoft in 1991, and later became the General Manger of Platform Evangelism, a part of Microsoft. He specialized mainly on Windows Live services and MSN to compete with the Web based software applications of Google. In 2006, he signed an agreement with Google and resigned from Microsoft. After spending 1 year in charitable endeavors due to a Microsoft employee non-compete agreement, he joined Google in 2007.

At Google, he has played a major role in the realization of Google Real-time Search, Google Buzz, Development of Android applications, Google Gadgets, Google Gears etc. The biggest contribution being the inception of Google+.

Google+ is an integration of Google profiles and Google Buzz along with new additional features such as +1, Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles. Google+ is way much advanced in comparison with Facebook in areas such as E-mail, Voice & Video chats, News features etc. Though Facebook has recently integrated Skype, its way much behind the Video call experience offered by Google+.

+1 is a feature much similar to the ‘’Like’’ of Facebook.

Circles, is the revolutionizing feature of Google+ offering a new social networking experience enabling users to group people without any social obligations. This is much different from the traditional friends list used in Facebook. It helps users to categorize the people into separate circles without letting the people know where exactly they have been placed. The user’s advantage here is in having the privacy of not revealing how many and what all circles he/she has. Hence other users could see the list of friends in ones profile as in Facebook, but they will be completely unaware of the circles. This eases and adds more fun to the networking experience.

Hangouts, is actually an enhanced version of the conference video calling in Skype.  It comes with more user friendly features like having around 10 people in a group video chat at any given time.

Huddle, is a messaging or chat like feature within any given circle, available in Android and i0S mobile devices.
         Instant upload is a feature for mobile devices enabling users to store pictures and upload when they wish to.
            Sparks, is an enhanced Google search feature which works in a customized fashion.

Personally I find Google+ more advanced in every possible way. Am loving its fresh and simple interface. It was Orkut which took me into the world of social networking and was an active user for almost 3 years. Then, to keep up with the race, I finally configured a space in Facebook. In between I got into Twitter and LinkedIn. Social networking sites have always been an integral part of our lives with lots of personal attachments mainly owing to the people involved. One thing which we should keep in mind, no matter what social network we are into, is nurturing and prospering with our real life relationships.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Silent Global Warfare: HAARP.

Having been through almost 8000 earthquakes and still counting, I obviously felt something fishy about the natural source of these stupid DJ’s rocking down the earth. I wasn’t disappointed in my quest for alternative sources. Alarming and shocking were the possibilities of manmade impacts in the present scenario. The potential of a US military venture known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) designed as part of a Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), in being a serious threat to the planet is horrifying. An understanding of the research schemes and the execution of the basic experiments at these sites is more than enough to throw dirt on the glorified image of HAARP.  

According to Wikipedia, HAARP is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes. The objectives put forward for this mysterious research work includes improvement of communication and navigation systems, remote sensing of mineral and oil content throughout the planet, observation of meteors, Lunar echo experiment on extra-terrestrial high frequency radar echo’s and other high profile crappy stuffs !!  It's quite interesting to note, how systematically the defence personnel’s have disguised the potential of this technology in jeopardising the global warfare’s in ways humans could hardly manage.

Loads of critical environmental concerns have been raised against HAARP, as its very basic working involves disruption of our ionosphere. Possible outcomes from such manipulation of our atmosphere could generate serious natural disasters ranging from earthquakes, drastic variations in global weather patterns, hurricanes, floods and even flipping of Earth’s magnetic poles!! It’s shocking that the tax paying people out there are totally unaware of the kind of battlefield in which they are trapped in. It’s big time for the world to wake up and fight against the cruel intentions of these heartless watchdogs playing with human lives, in the name of classified military training experiments. What if I say, Haiti, Japan and Christchurch are mere test fields or rather targets for the technicians working at these high security defence research centres?

This geo engineered tectonic weaponry is originally based on technologies developed by Nicola Tesla almost a century ago. HAARP uses a billion watts of power to manipulate the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) of our planet, creating extremely lethal frequencies known to profoundly affect the biological and mental functioning of all the living beings on earth. The disruptions of these magnetic fields could create vibrations dangerous enough to vigorously shake the tectonic plates. It’s frightening that the outcomes of this fatal weaponry are beyond the control of human hands. These unconventional deadly weapons have been in use for a long time by the cold blooded crazy scientists and security personnel’s of the powerful nations, to manipulate world population by creating secret weather warfare’s. The droughts in Venezuela, floods in Pakistan, heat wave in Russia, frequent storms and hurricanes in US, recent earthquake’s in Haiti, NewZealand and Japan; Tsunami in Indonesia etc. are some of them.

The people of these days should stop drowning within the entertainment tactics forced upon them by the new world system and arise with superior intellect, intelligence, courage and moral fibre to fight for a green and peaceful life on this planet. If you are still not convinced about this deadly technology, checkout this not so popular unclassified report The Defense science board’s Task Force on Directed Energy Weapons.’’ Straight from the office of the secretary of US defense and start connecting the dots.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Capricious Capricorn.

Time has been running out lately. Sometime back, I have been researching or rather indulging compulsively to prevent myself from procrastinating, in some personality studies. I would like to describe them as the adventures of a broken outlaw. I got some quite rich source of texts, online info’s and some surprisingly practical models. Those days were completely unplanned and the things I came across were obviously random. It all started when I bumped into the multiple personality book at the City Council Library. It was quite an interesting read to fill up the blank potholes regarding people’s character. In short I would like to summarize the entire concept as Introverts and Extroverts with numerous subdivisions!! The entire index of subdivisions really made me go nuts. What really got my attention were the zodiac signs. Now that was something solid. Considering the mysterious revelations behind the astrology stuff dating ages back, there is a basic foundation much stable than the unpredictable human personality traits.

Being a Capricon myself, I found it a bit contradictory to my outlook and the way I execute the adventures of life. Thanks to the limitless flow of information in Google, Social networking sites; Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. I got selflessly glued to the dedicated sites and pages for zodiac signs. More entertaining were the YouTube stuffs especially the ‘’Howcast Channel’’ ones. I loved reading the Capricon qualities such as being reserved, conservative, calm, responsible, hardworking and many other diplomatic traits which left me confused about myself. Of course I love being hardworking, dedicated, focused and passionate about my life. But that doesn’t seem to apply at all stages.

I get completely messed up at times and I love the process of being messed up though i regret at a later stage. Still I find it easy to get back to the normal scheduled lifestyle. Being childish, foolish and dumb at times really makes me feel better. It seems to happen when am among the company of the most trusted friends, cousins and even at workplace. I would like to make it clear that i love being honest and i appreciate the same from others. And I could even be unforgiving and grudgeful if tested beyond a limit. The extreme reserved character of mine even from the close ones at times is to prevent myself from being more vulnerable so that I won’t be hurt. A Capricon could be pessimistic and embrace depression, taking to the extreme bottom. But that doesn’t mean they are spoiled or doomed forever, they will eventually rise like a phoenix with new dimensions of outlook and perceptions. I find myself to be more concerned about helping and being there for my peers which could be annoying for some. Minding my own business seems to be the better option. Still I find it so beautiful being myself and loves every bit of it. Being ourselves is something which every single person would love to be. And the appreciation of our true self from others is what we really crave for.

I found it hard to accept the description of a Capricon personality as being stable and solid like a rock. It’s not possible for me to be a rock and get myself wrapped with the dirty moss unless otherwise I am a ‘’Sanyasi’’. I used to describe myself as ‘’a typical Capricon’’ in the ‘’About me’’ sections of the social networking sites though I was completely unsatisfied by its very reflection. I kept searching for a clear stream which was diplomatically more pure. Yup, surprisingly I finally found one from one of my cousins Orkut profile. ‘’Tony Capricious’’!! Capricious was the one true word. Seems like it’s been created just to fit perfectly well with the out of the box Capricons. I re-phrased myself as ‘’Capricious Capricon’’ from then on and it even rhymes well. Something like ‘’hakuna matata’’ I got caught red handed later on by my cousin for this plagiarism which he described in his own words as stealing his capsicum, haha.