Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Capricious Capricorn.

Time has been running out lately. Sometime back, I have been researching or rather indulging compulsively to prevent myself from procrastinating, in some personality studies. I would like to describe them as the adventures of a broken outlaw. I got some quite rich source of texts, online info’s and some surprisingly practical models. Those days were completely unplanned and the things I came across were obviously random. It all started when I bumped into the multiple personality book at the City Council Library. It was quite an interesting read to fill up the blank potholes regarding people’s character. In short I would like to summarize the entire concept as Introverts and Extroverts with numerous subdivisions!! The entire index of subdivisions really made me go nuts. What really got my attention were the zodiac signs. Now that was something solid. Considering the mysterious revelations behind the astrology stuff dating ages back, there is a basic foundation much stable than the unpredictable human personality traits.

Being a Capricon myself, I found it a bit contradictory to my outlook and the way I execute the adventures of life. Thanks to the limitless flow of information in Google, Social networking sites; Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. I got selflessly glued to the dedicated sites and pages for zodiac signs. More entertaining were the YouTube stuffs especially the ‘’Howcast Channel’’ ones. I loved reading the Capricon qualities such as being reserved, conservative, calm, responsible, hardworking and many other diplomatic traits which left me confused about myself. Of course I love being hardworking, dedicated, focused and passionate about my life. But that doesn’t seem to apply at all stages.

I get completely messed up at times and I love the process of being messed up though i regret at a later stage. Still I find it easy to get back to the normal scheduled lifestyle. Being childish, foolish and dumb at times really makes me feel better. It seems to happen when am among the company of the most trusted friends, cousins and even at workplace. I would like to make it clear that i love being honest and i appreciate the same from others. And I could even be unforgiving and grudgeful if tested beyond a limit. The extreme reserved character of mine even from the close ones at times is to prevent myself from being more vulnerable so that I won’t be hurt. A Capricon could be pessimistic and embrace depression, taking to the extreme bottom. But that doesn’t mean they are spoiled or doomed forever, they will eventually rise like a phoenix with new dimensions of outlook and perceptions. I find myself to be more concerned about helping and being there for my peers which could be annoying for some. Minding my own business seems to be the better option. Still I find it so beautiful being myself and loves every bit of it. Being ourselves is something which every single person would love to be. And the appreciation of our true self from others is what we really crave for.

I found it hard to accept the description of a Capricon personality as being stable and solid like a rock. It’s not possible for me to be a rock and get myself wrapped with the dirty moss unless otherwise I am a ‘’Sanyasi’’. I used to describe myself as ‘’a typical Capricon’’ in the ‘’About me’’ sections of the social networking sites though I was completely unsatisfied by its very reflection. I kept searching for a clear stream which was diplomatically more pure. Yup, surprisingly I finally found one from one of my cousins Orkut profile. ‘’Tony Capricious’’!! Capricious was the one true word. Seems like it’s been created just to fit perfectly well with the out of the box Capricons. I re-phrased myself as ‘’Capricious Capricon’’ from then on and it even rhymes well. Something like ‘’hakuna matata’’ I got caught red handed later on by my cousin for this plagiarism which he described in his own words as stealing his capsicum, haha.


  1. This is nice... Everyone has their own take on the real effect of "Zodiac signs" on their character. I say, take the positive ones out of it, and cut out the superstitions...