Monday, July 4, 2011

The Silent Global Warfare: HAARP.

Having been through almost 8000 earthquakes and still counting, I obviously felt something fishy about the natural source of these stupid DJ’s rocking down the earth. I wasn’t disappointed in my quest for alternative sources. Alarming and shocking were the possibilities of manmade impacts in the present scenario. The potential of a US military venture known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) designed as part of a Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), in being a serious threat to the planet is horrifying. An understanding of the research schemes and the execution of the basic experiments at these sites is more than enough to throw dirt on the glorified image of HAARP.  

According to Wikipedia, HAARP is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes. The objectives put forward for this mysterious research work includes improvement of communication and navigation systems, remote sensing of mineral and oil content throughout the planet, observation of meteors, Lunar echo experiment on extra-terrestrial high frequency radar echo’s and other high profile crappy stuffs !!  It's quite interesting to note, how systematically the defence personnel’s have disguised the potential of this technology in jeopardising the global warfare’s in ways humans could hardly manage.

Loads of critical environmental concerns have been raised against HAARP, as its very basic working involves disruption of our ionosphere. Possible outcomes from such manipulation of our atmosphere could generate serious natural disasters ranging from earthquakes, drastic variations in global weather patterns, hurricanes, floods and even flipping of Earth’s magnetic poles!! It’s shocking that the tax paying people out there are totally unaware of the kind of battlefield in which they are trapped in. It’s big time for the world to wake up and fight against the cruel intentions of these heartless watchdogs playing with human lives, in the name of classified military training experiments. What if I say, Haiti, Japan and Christchurch are mere test fields or rather targets for the technicians working at these high security defence research centres?

This geo engineered tectonic weaponry is originally based on technologies developed by Nicola Tesla almost a century ago. HAARP uses a billion watts of power to manipulate the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) of our planet, creating extremely lethal frequencies known to profoundly affect the biological and mental functioning of all the living beings on earth. The disruptions of these magnetic fields could create vibrations dangerous enough to vigorously shake the tectonic plates. It’s frightening that the outcomes of this fatal weaponry are beyond the control of human hands. These unconventional deadly weapons have been in use for a long time by the cold blooded crazy scientists and security personnel’s of the powerful nations, to manipulate world population by creating secret weather warfare’s. The droughts in Venezuela, floods in Pakistan, heat wave in Russia, frequent storms and hurricanes in US, recent earthquake’s in Haiti, NewZealand and Japan; Tsunami in Indonesia etc. are some of them.

The people of these days should stop drowning within the entertainment tactics forced upon them by the new world system and arise with superior intellect, intelligence, courage and moral fibre to fight for a green and peaceful life on this planet. If you are still not convinced about this deadly technology, checkout this not so popular unclassified report The Defense science board’s Task Force on Directed Energy Weapons.’’ Straight from the office of the secretary of US defense and start connecting the dots.


  1. Yes, the issue of HAARP had come up right after the Haiti quake... But it soon died down... People are blaming US for this too... Considering the number of hurricanes affecting them, it looks like they r causing more damage to themselves than to others...

  2. The US is not at all concerned about the well being of their own people. If they were, then whats the story behind 9/11. Everything is planned and executed for the sake of new world order. Its all part of the lame depopulation programs and military training experiments !! Unfortunately, the people are helpless here.

  3. Don't be naive bro..there are no such thing as patriotism ..its an illusion 2 keep the stupid masses..slaves ..thts y ppl still find it hard 2 believe it tht Us can do this to its own ppl ??? what own ppl ..there r only two kinds..globalist F#king elite banking lords ..and the rest 99% of the population...they took control of the banks bec when they hav control of the money supply ..they dont need anythg else..then ,,they drove a plane into a twin tower 2 start a as to keep the real aganda a secret..economic meltdown ..and NWO control ,,they hav started it ,,greece.. portugal ,,,libya..iraq...afganistan..u wait..the real fire work start when the zionist country takes over the world...a new power will take over the world..when tht happens,,get the fck out of the cities man ..bec they r coming to fck the world...countries dnt matter my friend ..because if u and i am wearing a jeans listening 2 ipod ..watching som mind cntrol song with a semi nude girl on it ..jayz and gaga r idols...dont worry they will get u ...

  4. but ironically the medium they choose 2 control the world ..internet ..has helped to set people free..they lost their iron grip on the information access..people lik u and me started bloging and passing on works of real men..a parallel source of media was formed..people started being liberalized..minds were set ur soul prepared to move fast ..somthg big is happening ..dnt trust me ..the banks just got paid a bonus for screwing the world ..and the jokes on us ..

  5. Well said bro. This is exactly whats happening and its shocking. Being trapped in this brilliant matrix of slavery is degrading our senses beyond measure. I fear about the existence of an exit !!